Meet Erin McCabe!

July 14, 2021

Job title: Yoga therapist, athletic trainer, and movement coach.

Location: Upper Valley NH/VT and now also virtual

“I am now on maternity leave with all of my business things buttoned up and able to relax before we meet our little one! I would not have had such a smooth and successful transition without Jen's guidance. I can't say enough about Fully Funded x 40 Weeks and that you should use a coach like Jen because there is so much more to preparing yourself and your business for parental leave than just putting the money aside that you think you will need in savings.”

A first-time mom, Erin knew she wanted to treasure her maternity leave time. As a fitness coach who works one-on-one with clients, she had set aside some savings to cover her maternity leave. We didn’t meet until her final trimester, and she is now on a four-month leave, complete with passive income to support this important time for her family. Here are some of her takeaways from her time with Fully Funded.

Why was maternity leave important to you?

“This is our first child and I think the transition to parenting, and especially motherhood, is a major life transition that our society often rushes us through with such a focus on getting back to work AND figuring out this new identity with so little emphasis on wellness. I wanted to take 4 months so I could really honor this transition for myself, our baby, and our family. I know there will be enough to stress and worry over and rushing back to work was not something I wanted to add to that list.”

What are you feeling accomplished about leading up to taking your maternity leave?

“I feel really good about launching my online class hub platform which will make me some passive income while on leave while providing a service to my students/clients. I had the goal of launching and getting at least 10 members and I did just that thanks to the accountability and motivation from Jen!!”

What would you like to share with other coaches or self-employed people who are adding to their family and planning for leave?

“Start planning early, and use a coach like Jen because there is so much more than just putting the money aside that you think you will need in savings. I started saving what I thought I needed before working with Jen, but in our first call I realized how much more there was to making this transition smooth and successful and what a great investment this coaching relationship would be for me and my business.”

Now, I am looking forward to being able to really focus on this major life transition to motherhood without the distraction of work or the pressure of needing to get back quickly.

Follow Erin and her journey into motherhood and business ownership over on Instagram @erinmccabewellness.

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