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fall 2024

Profit Foundations

A 4 Week Group Coaching Program for Self-Employed People to organize + grow personal and business income

The Profit Foundations course helps you to be your best boss and organize your finances, pay yourself consistently, and grow your income.

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Jen Mayer, a white woman and founder of Fully Funded, wearing a white sweater, sitting at a wooden table, smiling in front of a green background

Hi! I’m Jen

I love helping self-employed people feel confident around their money.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years with a background in the wellness industry. I am now an Accredited Financial Counselor working with self-employed people, merging the worlds of wellness, business and finance to help biz owners reach their goals of financial independence.

Together we’ll create sustainable systems so that you can pay yourself consistently and start seeing your profits soar!

Jen Mayer, a white woman and founder of Fully Funded, wearing a white sweater, sitting at a wooden table, holding a brown and tan cat

You love being self-employed, but...

  • you're not a numbers person, and get really stressed out about money and finances
  • you don't have a system in place to pay yourself consistently
  • you get really stressed out about taxes
  • you want to start planning for retirement and a work optional future
  • you truly crave clarity and organization around your finances so that you can reach your biz and personal goals

How Does It Work?

Interactive Course
  • Call Dates:
  • Wednesday: October 9th @ 2pm ET
  • Wednesday: October 16th @ 2pm ET
  • Wednesday: October 30th @ 2pm ET
  • Wednesday: November 6th @ 2pm ET
  • Bonus call: Wednesday November 13th @ 2pm ET
  • Live education with replays of all calls available
Templates and Resources
  • Personal Budgeting System
  • Paying Yourself Spreadsheet Template
  • 12 Month Business Revenue Forecast
Support and Community
  • 5 weeks of access and support with Jen
  • Connect with an incredible group of business owners to support, learn and grow with

All meetings are held virtually over Zoom.

Access to session records, notes, and templates

Group Slack for the duration of the 5 week course.

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Schedule for Profit Foundations

  • Week 1 (Examine): Intro Session | Financial Assessment + Overview | Goal Setting
  • Week 2 (Embody): Pricing | Offerings | Revenue Projections
  • Week 3 (Energize) Systems | Record Keeping | Accounts
  • Week 4 (Expand): Monthly Habits + Repeatable Systems | Next Steps
  • BONUS CALL: Connecting Biz + Personal Finances | Q+A Strategy Call
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Cost: $375

"After starting my own business feeling really isolated and unsure, Profit Foundations was exactly what I needed. The content from the course was really helpful and saved me lots of research time, but even more meaningful was the adaptability of the group setting. I was able bounce my logistical questions off of not only Jen, but the other thoughtful business owners in the group.

The course provided a framework for all of us, no matter where we were in our business journey. I am still turning back to the resources and information as I spend more and more time building out my business, but my favorite takeaway was feeling supported by someone who has been where I am. Approachable, helpful, and a worthwhile investment even when just starting out!"

Virginia Strong, Doula

What you'll achieve after completing Profit Foundations

  • Clear Vision: You'll have clear insight into your business and personal finances, complete with overview spreadsheets
  • Managing Systems: You'll learn different management systems to help you stay organized month over month
  • Revenue Distribution: You'll decide how much to pay yourself, how much to put away, and how much to put back into the business
  • Basic Tax Education: You'll learn how to plan ahead and save for annual and quarterly taxes
  • Retirement Savings: We'll cover the basics of opening a tax advantaged retirement account ---> available to self-employed people
  • Forecasting: You'll learn how to manage project or client load based on your capacity and revenue goals
  • Variable Income: You'll learn how to implement a system to enable you to pay yourself a consistent salary, even when your revenue is variable.
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what others are saying

“I absolutely loved my session with Jen and felt so much more clear and confident after. I am someone with a lot of insecurity around money management and while I felt a bit vulnerable going into the session, it quickly went away. Jen provides a completely non-judgemental space for discussing a very sensitive topic and had plenty of solutions for each of my financial worries and questions. I walked away with a clear plan of action and was actually excited about managing my money after. Thanks Jen!” - Janice
"She never made us feel shame or embarrassment for our lack of financial literacy. Her passion towards helping freelancers better understand their money really shined in our time together, from how comfortable she made us feel, to her sharing specific insight on different IRAs, banks, software and applications. Working with Jen felt like an act of self care for our financial present and future.” -Beth, NYC
“I am so grateful for my financial planning session with Jen! I am one semester into a three-year graduate school program and with Jen's help I feel very well positioned to manage my student loans. She helped me reflect on my goals and outline clear action steps. It was just the motivation I needed to get organized with my finances!” - Annie

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Accredited Financial Counselor?

    Financial Counselors are trained professionals who educate clients in sound financial principles. We assist clients in the process of overcoming their financial indebtedness, help clients identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors and guide clients in developing successful strategies to achieve their unique financial goals.

  • What is your training and background?

    I'm an Accredited Financial Counselor with the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE®). AFCPE® is the nationally recognized leader in financial counseling, coaching and education. Bringing together research, education and practice, they support the profession through comprehensive training, professional development and high-quality resources to help improve the economic well-being of individuals and families worldwide.

  • I’m a business owner but also need help with personal finance. Is this the right program for me?

    Yes! We’ll work on both business and personal finance in this program.

  • Do you prepare taxes or offer bookkeeping services for business owners?

    I do not, but I’m happy to connect you with the right people who do!

  • Do you sell any financial products?

    Nope! I am a fee-only financial advisor. I don't earn commissions by selling financial products. Clients pay a fee to enlist my services. That way I only work for you, and have your best interest in mind.

  • Do you offer sliding scale or discounted rates?

    Yes! I offer sliding scale rates for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, people with disabilities, single parents, and anyone who expresses need. Please email me if you’re interested in working together on a scholarship.

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