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At Fully Funded, we aim to help people who have found that traditional financial advice just doesn’t work for them. Whether you’re self-employed earning inconsistent income, a multihyphenate with multiple income streams or businesses, or maybe your brain works a little differently and you’ve never been a numbers person, our goal is to make financial education easy and accessible no matter what your background or experience is.

We understand that personal finance is personal, and it’s not simply a numbers game.

Our finances are almost always wrapped up with emotions and past experiences that have shaped our relationship with money. Our approach to financial counseling keeps this in mind by offering a safe, non-judgmental space to improve your relationship with money through actionable steps so financial stressors can one day be a thing of the past.

Anti-capitialist financial education by Fully Funded based in Brooklyn, NY

Our Values...

Under Capitalism, we are taught that the only way to achieve success and security is through the hoarding of resources. Money is seen as the most valuable of resources and we are often encouraged or even obligated to rely on it to access our most basic human necessities.

At Fully Funded, we like to do things a bit differently. We believe that the foundation of financial freedom lies in our ability to share resources, whether that is money, time, effort, or care. Keep in mind the ways that you can give to your communities and uphold your values, even if that giving is not monetary.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve reached a certain financial threshold in order to build reciprocal relationships with the people and populations you care about.

Remember, the goal is financial freedom, not growth for the sake of growth.

How Fully Funded was born...

After planning and taking two self-funded maternity leaves for her own children, Jen founded Fully Funded to help other self-employed parents plan their parental leaves. Through this work, Jen realized that so much of parental leave planning is actually financial planning. It was also clear that traditional financial planning services often leave out self-employed people, freelancers, gig workers, solopreneurs, and anyone working outside of the typical 9-5 job. And so, Fully Funded expanded beyond parental leave planning and into the realm of general financial counseling for those who have been excluded from your typical financial advice.

As a former doula of 15 years and multi-business owner, Jen has combined her ability to hold space and her understanding of personal and professional finance to create a unique kind of safe space in the finance world.

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