Jen Mayer, the founder of Fully Funded provides compassionate and supportive financial planning for freelancers and self-employed people.

Your finances
aren’t traditional.
Neither are we.

Fully Funded provides financial education + coaching services for creatives, multihyphenates, and business owners who need more than your typical financial support.


  • conventional financial advice doesn’t work for you
  • you’ve felt excluded from financial institutions
  • you’re just not a “numbers person”

you’re in the right place.

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How Fully Funded is Different

Non-Judgmental Financial Support

As a former doula, Jen understands the importance of curating a safe space to discuss not just the numbers component of finances, but also the emotional aspect of working with money. Personal finance is personal.

Tailored Guidance for Non-Traditional Earners

Traditional financial planning isn’t structured to accommodate inconsistent income, which is the norm for most self-employed people. We specialize in working with creatives, multihyphenates, and people who aren’t solely W-2 earners and need a bit of special attention when it comes to organizing their business finances.

Neurodivergent-Friendly Methods

Many of our clients are neurodivergent (diagnosed and undiagnosed) and/or don’t identify as “numbers people.” We build systems that work with our clients’ brains and interests, not against them, so finances don’t create more stress or confusion.

Work with Us

Jen Mayer, the founder of Fully Funded offers services like a 30 day financial strategy session and 6 month coaching packages.
Financial Strategy Session

A 3 month engagement to create your Financial Goals + Plan. After this session you’ll have a complete financial overview, with financial steps to meet your goals.

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Financial Coaching

A 6 month coaching package, designed to find and implement organizational and habit changes to support your short and long term financial goals. We take a hybrid approach that includes both personal and business financial coaching.

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Profit Foundations

A 4 week live group coaching experience designed for self-employed people who are looking to increase their income, pay themselves consistently, and grow a sustainable business to create a strong financial foundation.

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Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Our Toolkits
Fully Funded offeres a suite of toolkits for individuals to kick start their financial education and financial literacy journey. Learn how to pay yourself as a self-employed person.
The Pay Yourself Toolkit

Learn how to pay yourself consistently and save adequately for taxes as a self-employed person with inconsistent income.

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Fully Funded offers a suite of toolkits for individuals to create financial wellness. Learn the basics of a strong financial foundation.
The Financial Foundations Toolkit

Learn how to increase your income, create a sustainable budget, and build an opportunity fund to establish a strong financial foundation.

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Fully Funded offers a suite of toolkit for self-employed people to prepare financially and create a work optional future.
The Work-Optional Future Toolkit

Learn how to use tax advantaged investment accounts to prepare for your future.

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Fully Funded create an inclusive community called Money Club to provide education and support on the journey toward financial freedom.
our community

Money Club

Money Club is a supportive and non-judgmental community of people who are dedicated to reaching their next financial goals, but are craving friendship, education and accountability along the way.

Money Club members get access to exclusive calls, discussion prompts, hot-seat coaching, and co-working sessions to help stay on track and keep expanding their financial literacy. Money Club members also get free access to all of the Fully Funded resources, toolkits, and workshops.

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See what our clients have to say

Working with Jen at Fully Funded has been life changing. With her compassionate support, I’ve changed my perspective on money, and implemented powerful strategies and techniques that support my self-employment for the long term. I can’t recommend her enough! Ashleigh Pedersen, Author of the novel The Crocodile Bride
Thanks to Jen and Fully Funded, I am now so much more empowered in my business – I have short and long term goals, clarity around what projects to take on and where best to put my money, and my accounts are so organized and easy to maintain that it’s actually fun to do! Colleen M, Editor
Working with Jen was incredible for me and my business finances on so many levels. Before working with her, I felt like my finances were out of control and I was overwhelmed with debt and lack of a plan. After working with her, I feel MUCH more confident with my finances. My money stress and anxiety is SO much better, and I feel more empowered. Dr. Marisa Blume, DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist
Jen and Fully Funded is an absolute gem! She helped me overcome my money overwhelm, restructure my business finances in real-time, and get clearer and more confident about running my company. Amy B. Scher, Bestselling author of This Is How I Save My Life
My husband and I came to Jen feeling overwhelmed by all of the things we needed to do to get our finances in order. Jen calmly and patiently walked us through different options to set us up with sustainable systems to make things easeful and streamlined. She is a soothing voice amidst the stress and chaos that can come with handling money. I’m so grateful we found her! Lela Tuhtan, Life Coach
I am so grateful for my financial planning session with Jen! I am one semester into a three-year graduate school program and with Jen’s help I feel very well positioned to manage my student loans. She helped me reflect on my goals and outline clear action steps. It was just the motivation I needed to get organized with my finances! Annie B, Student
Jen’s presence in my life over this past year has helped me tremendously. Jen talked me through the details of how to budget for both my business and my personal life. She helped talk me through options for banking and saving, and putting aside money for taxes each month. Jen did all this gently, with care, patience, and warmth. I am so grateful for her support! Marisa Michelson, Somatic Vocal Practitioner
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