Meet Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney!

July 20, 2021

Job title: I'm a trainer + nutritionist who empowers women, expecting mamas, and mamas.  I provide fitness, nutrition, and accountability coaching to clients virtually so it's really convenient for them, and me!

Location: Denver, CO but works with all clients virtually

Jen is a master!  I was very apprehensive about how to take maternity leave as a solopreneur of my holistic wellness could I manage my membership club with live and on-demand classes, what should I do with one-on-one clients, how can I stay relevant during my time off yet also soak up the new chapter of motherhood?!  Jen is incredibly wise when it comes to everything from state specific leave policies, how to transform a business, delegating tasks...and doing it with ease.  Thanks to her comprehensive coaching, I feel like I'm in a MUCH better position to take ~4 months off with our first baby than I would've been trying to go at this alone. She brings such a knowledgeable perspective with realistic experience to the table that I couldn't have ever come across in my own head.”

Claire, a first-time mom knew she wanted to take a dedicated maternity leave following the birth of her son, but she wasn’t sure how it would be possible. As a trainer and nutritionist, Claire works 1:1 with clients, and also leads a group membership that meets four times a week. We met during her second trimester and spent 8 sessions working together to map our her maternity leave plan. She is now on a four-month leave, complete with a small team in place to keep her business The Clarity Collective open and thriving for membership members. Here are some of her takeaways from working with Fully Funded.

What was a logistical or business challenge you've overcome during your pregnancy in advance of taking your leave?

“Figuring out how to manage, delegate and transform my membership club.  Historically it's offered 4 live classes a week all taught by me, then all classes were converted into on-demand content.  It was initially overwhelming trying to determine what's the best way to keep members engaged, minimize my pre-mat leave efforts, utilize the massive bank of content, and realistically prepare.  Jen helped me so much!!!!!  She helped me talk through all the possible scenarios and brought keen insight to the situation.  And beyond the membership club challenge, she opened my eyes to so many amazing ways to transition into leave that I never considered.”

Is there any advice or tips you like to share with other founders who are planning a pregnancy or adoption, or are currently pregnant/welcoming a baby into their family around preparing to take a parental leave?

“Lean on others for support - they want to help you!  Find a leave coach like Jen who's beyond wise about how to prepare whether it's state specific leave policies, how to delegate tasks, how to create a team, etc.  You and your growing family deserve that time off so find someone who can help you accomplish that!”

Why is taking a maternity leave/parental leave important to you?

“We know that growing families experience a lot in the transition, so being able to step away from the demands of work will help ease the challenges of that transition.  Our country is very behind other industrialized nations when it comes to maternity/paternity leave, so I stand behind professionals like Jen who champion for parents to take the much needed time off.  Ourselves, our kiddos, and the people and places we care about will benefit from that time away that allows us to focus on the growing family.”

Follow Claire and her journey into motherhood and business ownership over on Instagram @theclaritycollective.

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