Paid Family Leave Coming to Maryland in 2025


Is it Available?

Yes, starting in 2025

Who’s Eligible?

Full- and part-time employees are eligible for PFML if they worked at least 680 hours in 12 months immediately before the leave starts. Self-employed individuals may opt into the program.

Employee/Self-Employed Contribution

Self-employed individuals may opt into the program.

Contribution Period

Maryland will determine contribution rates by June 1, 2023.

Qualifying Life Events
  • Parental leave: birth, adoption, foster care placement or kinship care (an undefined term) of an employee’s child during the first year
  • Family caregiving: care for a family member with a serious health condition, as defined by the statute
  • Service member caregiving: care for an employee’s next of kin who is a service member with a serious health condition
  • Medical: an employee’s serious health condition causing inability to perform the functions of his or her position
  • Military qualifying exigency: any of 10 reasons related to a family member’s military service, as defined by the statute

Wage Benefit

Benefits will become available Jan. 1, 2025, with a $50 weekly minimum and $1,000 weekly maximum benefit.

Length of Benefit

12 weeks.

Website to Learn More and Apply

Coming soon.

Glossary of Terms:

Employee/Self-employed Contribution:

The amount that a self-employed individual must pay into the program in order to qualify for benefits. Depending on your state this contribution may be quarterly or annually.

Employee’s/Self-employed Average Weekly Wage (AWW):

The total amount an employee/self-employed person earned in a 52-week period divided by 52

  • Ex: If you make $40,000 annually, your average weekly wage is $769.23, which is $40,000 divided by 52.
  • If the contribution is .27% of an employee’s/self-employed person’s average weekly wage, if you made $40,000 annually, your contribution would be $108, which is $40,000 times .0027 (which is .27%).
Contribution Period:

The amount of time you need to pay into the program before you are eligible to apply for PFL benefits.

Qualifying Life Events:

The type of life events that allow you to apply for PFL benefits.

Wage Benefit:

Amount of benefit to be paid to employee/self-employed person during their PFL.

Length of Benefit:

Length of time covered under PFL.

Social Security contribution base:

This is a set of criteria by Social Security’s Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program that caps the amount of earnings each year that are eligible for your social security contributions. Some state’s Paid Family Leave insurance funds use this same threshold to cap contributions into their programs. This cap changes annually. For 2022 the base is $147,000.

Note: The contents of the directory last updated day of 2/15/22. We try our best to have the most up to date information possible, however please double check all information with your state. This directory is for educational purposes only.

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